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GOAAM is part of the ATD e.U.

UID: ATU43617500

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Member of the WKO Oberösterreich

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"Visual Relationship Management"

"Your digital & visual assistant for analog relationship management"


In order to use the digitalization in a meaningful way, we have packed the GOAAM Method into an “Intelligence iOS App” in order to be able to live professional visual relationship management (VRM) on a daily basis.

Our iOS App enables you to live the GOAAM method and supports you in daily visual relationship management. The GOAAM PRM iOS App is exclusively for personal use. There is NO exchange of data, NO contact requests and NO public visible profiles. With the GOAAM App you gather new information every day and your iOS iPad App assists you with analysis and strategy development.

To use the GOAAM App, the iOS dress book is imported into it. Then the individual contacts are categorised into the GOAAM levels - from the best personal friend to long-term business contacts to people who have sent contact requests via internet platforms. Additional information such hobbies, carrier, culinary preferences, foreign languages, personal encounters, joint business success or contacts with potential customers complete the profile.

During current selling cycles, you can capture the relationships between people, present them visually and identify the sponsors, preventers, mentors, etc.. According to a study by CBE Global, an average of 6.8 people are involved in a normal B2B sales cycle, so a visual overview is absolutely essential.


First, install the GOAAM App on your iPad, import and organise your contacts, assign relationship types and define GOAAM levels. Afterwards install the iPhone GOAAM capture App, all data you have created in GOAAM on the iPAD will be synchronised with the iPhone GOAAM App over Apple iCloud. The GOAAM iPhone App makes it possible for you to quickly capture daily generated informations and then analyse and visualize it on the iPad.

Notice: It makes no sense to import thousands of contacts into the GOAAM App, organize your personal contacts before importing them into GOAAM and only import contacts that are really relevant to you.


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