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--- Your time is NOW ---



In order to achieve your goals and to build and maintain trusting relationships through empathy, personal mental balance is the basis.


Gain mental superpower through Mind Hacking with self hypnosis - the basis for achieving your goals.

We will learn you how to solve and change blockades and old thought patterns with self-hypnosis.

With self-hypnosis you can promote and manifest the following mental areas:

* Self-confidence

* Stop fear of public speaking 

* Increase in performance and motivation

* Find and protect & visualize goals and purpose

* Progression for decision-making

* and much much more:-)

That's it - you're the captain of your own life. 

It's only up to you !


What is Hypnosis ?


Our consciousness is capable of processing 8 information per second, our subconsciousness 80,000. It is believed that our subconsciousness has a computing power of at least 10 billion bits/sec and controls our bodily functions, emotions, feelings, habits, reactions, empathy, and intuition. We are often unaware of this fact.




Our subconsciousness protects us from real and perveived dangers. However, in many cases, patterns that we learned in the past are ingrained in us and act as blocks preventing us from bringing about change to our current mental state.  

Hypnosis is an ancient method that has been known for 3500 years. It achieves a state of trance in order to change "ingrained" thought patterns. For many indigenous peoples this is part of everyday life, a fact which we tend to forget in our "modern and digital" world.

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Our coaching is supported by Virtual Reality Applications......Mind Hacking 4.0