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GOAAM is part of the ATD e.U.

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Member of the WKO Oberösterreich

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your GOAL » our PASSION

It’s all about the right definition of goals | building trustful relationships |
your mental balance | with support of the right tools


Our Goal:

"Helping people & companies to find and achieve their sales goals through the holistic GOAAM method and state of the art technologies"

The Method:

Goal, Organize, Analyze, Act and Maintain - the goal definition, the organization and analysis of the relationship networks, the action based on it and the maintenance of the network - are behind the name-giving of GOAAM.

A goal-oriented approach and professional relationship management are the basic requisites for success in sales.

The purpose - the individual - the passion - the process - connecting people & the goal are the focus at GOAAM with support of State-Of-The-Art technologies.

Building trustful relationships

In our digital world we have forgotten how to establish and cultivate trustful relationships and how to pursue clear goals. However, it is precisely these interhuman relationships that are at the core of our personal sales capital.

Intuition, empathy, trust, loyalty, social competence cannot be taken over by ANY artificial intelligence (AI) - this makes us as human beings IRREPLACEABLE. However, all sales tasks that we can automate and don't need people, we need to automate to be able to focus more on people and building trustful relationships.

"Define goals & build trustful relationships", a mandatory core competence of individuals in sales, is the basis of the GOAAM method. 


With the GOAAM method you will reach your sales targets faster and bind your customers to you and your company in the long term.

Take off to a flying start with GOAAM and become even happier and more successful.

Give us a chance to convince you of our know-how, our method, our values and our competence. Because: “Nothing is impossible“

 It is the encounters with people that makes life worth living.

Guy de Maupassant 1850 - 1893

Research - Development Partner & Supporter

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